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Welcome to sumistev.com.  This is a personal blog site that was created in 2018 to start capturing thoughts, ideas and reference material for technology things I encounter.  This blog is authored and maintained by Steve Sumichrast.  The primary focus for this blog is datacenter technology, specifically compute, storage and network virtualization.  However other topics, such as home automation, home technology and other hobbies may appear here from time to time.

About the author

Steve Sumichrast is an IT specialist focusing in the datacenter space.  Steve has worked in multiple industries, including education, media, utilities and human capital management.  In the past 10 years Steve’s primary focus has been VMware’s virtualization technology and supporting products.  Steve currently holds active VMware Certified Advance Professional 6.5 certifications for datacenter virtualization and Cisco Certified Network Associate for Datacenter technology.  While public blogging is a bit newer, Steve has been active on the VMware Technology Network, Cisco Support Communities and other online communities providing guidance and assistance to others running their own infrastructures.

Steve was an active VMware vExpert (active 2017 til 2020) and was also an active Cisco Champion (active 2017 til 2020).

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The content found on this blog are my own thoughts and ideas and may not reflect the opinions of past, present or future employers.

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